Monday, July 26, 2010

From Henna to Wristbands to Indian Jewels

Thanks to family, friends, and conscious buyers, we were able to raise great awareness at the 51st annual Ann Arbor Street Art Fair in Michigan. As a non-profit booth, the wristband station was set up along liberty street right across from the delicious vegetarian restaurant, Seva! The art fair ran July 21st through the 24th and was a great success. Thank you to everyone who contributed, we sold over 80 wristbands!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wristbands Up and Running!

Thank supporters for your patience. The Wristbands + Anklets are now available.

Have a W O N D E R F U L day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Good Morning To All Of You!

A FYI note: I will be posting new wristbands up today! Please stay tuned and thank you for your support. You are making a big difference with your contribution.

Relax and enjoy your wristbands!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Posting Up Awareness in Colorado

A visit to Colorado last week was inspired by a family I cannot help but love. Allison and Lizzie are two precious girls I had the opportunity to care for while living in Denver 2 years back. Norma and David are the best parents around and continuously shine great lights on these dear little girls. The week was full of fun and the wristband project was on a role. Lizzie and I made Kinko's copies of the wristband flyers and placed them around the city. It was a successful day and by the end of it, it was Lizzie who would briefly describe the details of the project and explain the importance of the flyer. The employees of the visited coffee shops and restaurants were kind and offered space to post our information on the community boards or windows. A big thank you to everyone!

A Denver Favorite. Illegal Pete's.

Favorite part of this place besides the food:
Inside the restaurant, three framed paintings
line the back wall. La Mente. El Cuerpo. La Alma.
The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Over 40 New Wristbands Up Today!

A room full of wristbands, I have managed to create a labyrinth in the center of my living space. Luckily, I enjoy hopping over these colorful piles of goodness. At times, the path may lead into another direction. For instance, trips to the kitchen are often interrupted if along the way I spot a wristband that needs immediate naming. The tendency to wonder off course again prevails when there is no excusable reason for why I should not take a moment to pick up and place another worthy band into the 'awesome' bucket. The poor breakfast mango and peanut butter jar will just have to wait. This project continuously awakens my creativity and keeps the noggin jogging. I love the naming part!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Your Name On The List?

The second batch of names listed below will be used to name the next round of wristbands that will be posted up by TOMORROW!

As promised last week, the first 50 people to purchase off this site will have a wristband named after them. List completed. THANK YOU!
See June 24th blog for list of names 1-24.

25. Hattie
26. Melissa
27. Marie
28. Jeffrey
29. Gina
30. Loren
31. Janine
32. Ben
33. Erin
34. Rachel
35. Alex
36. Lindsay
37. Michele
38. Nina
39. Bradley
40. Kelsey
41. Mark
42. Meaghen
43. Kerry
44. Nazifa
45. Jennifer
46. Johanna
47. Caroline
48. Janis
49. Hannah
50. Rebecca

Friday, July 2, 2010

Denver Posts Up

Lizzie and I took the afternoon to post up global wristband flyers and spread the good word about the project around the city o Denver. Our first stop, Wahoo's. This eclectic Mexican/Brazilian/Asian inspired food eatery attracts surfers, skateboarders, families, and friends. The food keeps your stomach happy and the loud walls plastered with concert posters and branded stickers keeps your eyes visually stimulated when chowing down. A Denver favorite.