Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Posting Up Awareness in Colorado

A visit to Colorado last week was inspired by a family I cannot help but love. Allison and Lizzie are two precious girls I had the opportunity to care for while living in Denver 2 years back. Norma and David are the best parents around and continuously shine great lights on these dear little girls. The week was full of fun and the wristband project was on a role. Lizzie and I made Kinko's copies of the wristband flyers and placed them around the city. It was a successful day and by the end of it, it was Lizzie who would briefly describe the details of the project and explain the importance of the flyer. The employees of the visited coffee shops and restaurants were kind and offered space to post our information on the community boards or windows. A big thank you to everyone!

A Denver Favorite. Illegal Pete's.

Favorite part of this place besides the food:
Inside the restaurant, three framed paintings
line the back wall. La Mente. El Cuerpo. La Alma.
The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

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