Sunday, November 14, 2010

Global Wristband Project Supporter, Brian Castellani

Yoganomics editor, Brian Castellani, is the amazing creator of the Global Wristband Project YOUTUBE video. He has contributed his talent, time, encouragement, and awareness to the project for the sole purpose of spreading the good word. His willingness to expose the project was evident from the first time we met back in July at the Wanderlust Festival. Brian's support to the Global Wristband Project has allowed many of us to tap in and really see what the project is all about. His visual and editorial creativity illuminates the importance of sharing our talents and all that we have to give so that we can serve others in the best way we know how. Thank you again Brian for your outreach and sharing your talents with the Global Wristband Project. Your continuous support is loud and clear my friend!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Christina!

    I had a wonderful time filming you and look forward to your future involvement with OTM, or anything else you are involved in.

    Your dedication is truly inspirational and we need more yogis to get the healing underway!