Sunday, February 6, 2011

Final Destination, Cape Town

We began travels Saturday evening, Feb 5th. Attempting to leave Detroit on time with a snow covered runway presented our first challenge. After examining the de-ice and anti-ice machines hosing down our plane through the peephole size window, we began our route, an hour or so later than expected. Arrival time in Atlanta was 7 on the dot PM. Colleen and I took all of the energy we had to run through the airport like the Home Alone family showed us how. Our flight to Johannesburg would leave at 715pm. When we arrived at the gate, the area was vacant, with the exception of the woman behind the desk. "We were late coming in, can we still get on the flight?" As she picked up the radio to call in the plane, we heard a bell ding in the background. The woman looked to us and said, "they just rang the bell, the plane moved away from the gate, I am sorry." If you were present at the scene, you would soon be amused at the site of the women pressed up against the large glass window, urgently mouthing and signing for help to the 3 pilots in the cabin of the plane, who happen to take sight of us. Within 10 minutes, we were stuffing our bags under our seats and getting acquainted with the endless movie selection so graciously given to us for the 15 hour flight. On to Johannesburg!